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Welcome to the ADBX Media Release site.
ADBX (Advanced Database Exchange) is owned and developed by dataNdesigns, it is far more than a Content Management Website, the ADBX framework has been designed to make owning, maintaining and securing a website easy with features similar to an enterprise level application.

"There is simply nothing like it"

The ADBX Media version is the latest iteration of the framework and has been designed to include media elements that give websites more impact.

Some of the features in the ADBX Framework include:
  • Content Management - Content Editor, allowing for word style editing of your sites content, as well as direct code (client side) entry, such as HTML 5, JavaScript, XML and even AJAX connection and result.

  • SMS Integration - Linked directly into the framework functions, SMS can be utilized in everything from Contact forms to site alerts

  • Site Chat - Allows users to talk directly to the site admin or owner in realtime

  • Multi format layouts - Sites can be changed at anytime to a completely different layout

  • Mobile Compatible - The ADBX framework is designed to automatically adjust to any media that is viewing it.

  • Anti Hack And Preservation - The ADBX framework monitors itself every 5 mins, if any critical site files are tampered with, the site will itself send an alert to administrators and back itself up ready to be restored. Along with this Google monitors the sites key entry points and uses pattern monitoring and user recognition to secure the site. Encrypted Tokens are also on all logins to ensure the site cannot be broken into. Our servers are also heavily secured.

  • Auto Site Content Backup - Each time a page is edited a backup of is emailed to set administrators, along with this each day a full backup of the site content is emailed to the site owner.

  • Image Library's - The ADBX Application allows for up to 5 galleries to be included in the website, to load the images into the gallery, its just a simple matter of uploading them, once done the framework will automatically lay them out on the relevant page and automatically size and sort them. Including a pop up window for detail viewing.

  • Image Management - ADBX automatically warns you when you are getting too many larger sized images and highlights the ones in the admin view so you know which ones to remove.

  • Shopping Cart - The ADBX system offers several different ways to run a shopping cart on the site, you can load the products directly into ADBX itself and it will manage them and allow you to categorize them and make them searchable. The framework also integrates directly with our POS system which handles products and invoicing etc. Or you can use the system to simply display product and allow for enquiries.

  • Overlays - This allows for a clear background image to be put over the top of the site in any position and animated.

  • Banners - Each page banners can be set to either a single image, or up to 4 images on a dynamic rotator, or a movie. The framework automatically detects the type and adjusts the code to suit the media. Sizing is adjusted via the selected layout and the setup dimensions.

  • Auto Code Injection - Page content is checked for "Keywords" that trigger feature code injection into the page, this includes Modal popup, Blog, Review, dynamic secure check, TBS integration, product list and auto gallery.

  • Blog - a fully featured blog function allows you to turn any page into an editable blog.

  • Review System - The framework also includes and full review system that works of auto email approval and gives visitors the ability to rate whatever you wish. This includes a star rating and comment.

  • Site Tracking and Info - The ADBX framework also includes full tracking on visitors, robots, spiders and stats.

  • Manual Backup - a site content backup can be initiated at anytime in the admin area

  • 5 Level Security - The framework also allows for sections / pages of the site to be secured to access levels, the levels go from 0 to 5, and each page can be set to be accessed by only the set security level.

  • User Admin - Users can be added and edited for access to the back-end or to set secured areas on the site.

  • Site Test - The framework includes self assessment tools that check for issues or scripting problems.

  • Add New Page - Site owners can create and manage the existing pages and add new ones. This includes menu management and "nesting" pages down to 3 levels.

  • Auto Product Menu Builder - By setting the page type to product, the framework will automatically build itself based on products and product categories.

  • Auto Carousel - The product engine includes and 3 image carousel that scrolls through the product images.

  • Paypal Integration - The ADBX framework is fully integrated with Paypal and can be used in Sandbox mode for testing. The framework is also setup to complete the sale by entry to Paypal and the client details are captured and saved in the system for reference. (not payment info).

  • SEO - The ADBX framework has been developed to be search engine friendly and to optimize your chances with a high ranking in Google.

  • Meta Data - The meta data is set per page and can be targeted to bring up certain pages for SEO.

  • Google Registered - dataNdesigns are registered Google webmasters, so google monitors our sites and reports any issues if they arise, this includes display issues or problems on mobiles etc.

  • Animations & plugins - The ADBX framework includes many extra features for presentation, this includes animated text with Font Awesome, Bootstrap dynamic layout and mobile compatibility, Owl Carousel's (banners and in page features), Scroll Reveal animates, FA FA Icons, Jquery, validator and much more.

  • Splash Screen - A splash screen can be set on any page as an alert or special offer. This is editable and can be turned on and off as needed, including changing the background image of the splash screen.

  • Full Featured Text Editor - When editing a page it is simple using our fully featured text editor that allows direct typing into the editor and will wrap it in HTML , including tables, images, links, and hundreds of styles.

  • Banner Content & Link - Each banner on each page ( including rotating banners) can have text content, as well as a link to another page or link to a product.

  • Dynamic Form Builder - The DFB will automatically build the database fields as they are added, so you are not restricted to just the standard form fields, you can have whatever and however many you want. These can be added and removed as needed.

  • Direct Link - each page checks itself to see if a direct webpage link has been added and if so it adapts the menu to link directly to the set page.

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