ADBX Features

Content Management

ADBX has a built in content editor that allows you to edit and change page information similar to using MS word.

The editor also uses the Bootstrap framework as the display layer so you get an accurate representation of what the page will look like when saved.

All changes trigger an automatic back process which emails the page code to the developer for archiving prior to saving the new information. This way you will always have a copy of your information.

Self Checking

Our system is fully self checking and every 5 mins it checks its own code, files and server folders to ensure it has not been tampered with.

The same system monitors the site itself and emails dataNdesigns if the website is down or not responding. This ensures maximum uptime.

Every night ADBX backs itself up and sends all of the content to a backup location to ensure information is not lost.

Mobile Compatiable

ADBX is built using the Twitter Bootstrap Display Layer that auto adapts to any resolution that is viewing it. This means that your website will be compatiable with Tablets, phones and PC's without needing to duplicate it into another site.

Bootstrap is the most used Front end framework ever made, with some of the worlds largest sites using it to delivery highend content.

Animation & Effects

ADBX has an array of special effects that can be used on each page to make your website move. From animated text that you can control direction and motion to animated overlays, scrolling banners, scrolling galleries and more.

Features General

There are hundreds of features already built into the ADBX framework, below is a summary of the more common ones that are built in.

  • Mobile Icons for saving as mobile app
  • Site layout is fully customizable
  • Paypal Integration
  • SMS Integration
  • Google Monitoring
  • Google Security (ReCaptcha)
  • Systinct Integration
  • Shopping Cart & Invoicing
  • 5 Levels of Security for members areas
  • Dynamic 3 Teir Menu System
  • Self building category menu engine
  • Site Search
  • Real time chat with visitors
  • Facebook and Instagram Integration
  • Structured data for Google recognition
  • Product Listing Engine
  • Online enquiries
  • Dynamic Forms Generator with database self construct
  • Multipul Gallerys that are self building
  • Mobile Upload directly to gallery
  • Image Gallery uploader
  • Dynamic Image resizer during upload
  • Up to 4 Rotating banners per page with text and linkages
  • Image carousel
  • Automatic 360 Image / product viewer
  • RSS Injection (up to 4 RSS feeds per page)
  • Thumbnail menu system
  • Page Blog
  • Review system
  • Splash Screens
  • Dynamic Page Types (hidden, secured, Sub Title, direct linkage)
  • Add Pages
  • Product Management with Qtys
  • Manual Backup
  • Manual Self Check
  • User and Visitor Administration
  • Dynamic Report Builder
  • Voting Module
  • Charts and Reports Module
  • Traffic reports
  • Upgrade Engine centralised
  • Hack Logs
  • Site wide replace function
  • Page layout wizard
  • Movie support
  • Custom Code Injection
  • Custom CSS Injection
  • Newsletter signup
  • Colour coded Code View
  • And more features being added monthly

Backend Menu & Traffic Reports

Edit Page Settings

Edit Page Content and Layout

Edit Page Banners / Movie

Product Management